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The impact an industrial fire can have on a business is far reaching – not only does it impact upon your profits, operations and employee retention it will of course affect your organisation’s reputation.

Around 25% of fires are caused by electrical faults (Source: Fireward 2013-14). According to the Association of British Insurers (ABI), 2015 saw commercial fire claims approaching £800 million, whilst the financial impact to UK Businesses from Industrial fires is in excess of £7bn a year.

Businesses must prioritise fire prevention and, by doing so, will avoid the costs associated with such incidents. Increasingly, one of the measures being required by insurance companies which should be an essential part of any risk-minded company’s safeguarding strategy is electrical thermography.

What is electrical thermography?

An electrical installation is made up of complex electrical components. As these electrical components start to age their performance may start to deteriorate and, consequently, may display elevated temperatures which, if left undetected, may result in a catastrophic fire event. Further, as an electrical system is altered, updated and undergoes inspection & testing, other defects manifest which include connection issues, overloading and imbalance.

We only use the state of the art Thermography technology to ensure your electrical equipment is working and running at the right temperature. We are also only a hand full of companies that use this to diagnose any problems within an industrial or commercial setting.

We have built up a reputation of over 30 years from designing board diagrams to surveys. Worked with councils and the government also with big British port projects to deliver this type of service.

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Utilising state of-the-art thermal imaging equipment you can determine whether temperatures of electrical components are healthy, deteriorating or at dangerous levels.

Thermography is ideal to see beyond what is visible to the naked eye.  Not only is it an effective method of detecting potential issues, it also serves to minimise any catastrophic electrical accidents. At the end of the survey, a full report is produced alerting you to any potential risks or areas of serious concern.

Ultimately, an electrical thermographic survey is all about bringing peace of mind to those responsible for the health and safety of your organisation.

Here are some of the key benefits of doing an electrical thermography test.

The Key Benefits of Electrical Thermography

1. Reduced Risk Factors

Undertaking a thermographic survey helps to identify electrical hotspots before they become an issue that may lead to either serious accidents or, even worse, a major fire. By keeping risk factors to an absolute minimum you are safeguarding the running of your organisation.

2. Safer Work Environment

When used in conjunction with electrical inspection and testing, thermography results in the safest possible working environment. You and your employees can work with the confidence of knowing that the installation is safe from catastrophic defects.

3. Save Money

Research with the BRE and the Cebr found that, from warehouse fires alone, businesses lose over £230m annually.  By regularly keeping your installation in check these huge costs can be avoided.

The outcomes from the electrical thermographic survey ensures that you are aware of any component parts that needs to be fixed before they become a liability. This helps to reduce not only the cost of breakdown but potentially insurance premiums as well.

4. Lifetime of equipment extended

In some instances, with regular thermographic surveys being undertaken, it will be possible to keep hold of well-maintained equipment for longer. Without this you would have more costs associated with having to replace faulty equipment on a more frequent basis.

5. Normal Business Hours maintained

When undertaking a thermographic survey, there is no need for physical contact with the components being examined, allowing electrical circuits, components or equipment to be surveyed quickly and safely. It is likely that there will be either no, or minimal, disruption to business operations.


Electrical thermography is supplemental to, but does not replace, electrical inspection and testing. It should be considered as an essential survey to reduce the risk of catastrophic fire events.

At Stella Maintenance Technologies Ltd we offer stand-alone thermographic services, or an integrated service, combined with electrical inspection and testing.

We appreciate how important it is for you to understand how much a specific electrical inspection service would cost you. We also know that non-domestic electrical inspections and certifications can be a tricky thing for duty holders to keep up with on a consistent basis.

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