Electrical Thermography

We only use the state of the art technology to ensure your electrical equipment is working and running at the right temperature.


Electrical Maintenance Services

Our services come right to your front door and test any electrical equipment you have at your property, whether commercial or industrial.


M and E services

Our services include M and E services for all industries including industrial, commercial, retail outlets, social venues, warehouses and commercial manufacturing properties.


Electrical Testing

To make sure all of your facilities are complying with legal regulations and safe for use you need the assistance of the team here at Stella Maintenance Technologies Ltd.

Mechanical Preventative Maintenance Throughout the UK.

This service is meant to prevent any future mechanical problems that could occur at your premises. Our team give your business that opportunity to stay in business efficiently throughout the whole year without any problems forcing you to halt progress.

We look at all machinery pieces and make sure that they are working at maximum capacity and are efficient in your workplace for both personal and employee use. Here at Stella Maintenance Technologies Ltd we are more than qualified to be your one stop shop for all maintenance and repair services. As well as maintenance services we even offer our customers reliable repair, replacements, installations and also offer social, retail and commercial maintenance services so that their needs are met.

The use of these services will reduce operating down time and will keep your business running smoother throughout the year. You don’t have to lift a finger as we cover all areas for your benefit and provide proof of safety for your records for future reference.

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