AIA are located in a prestigious two (2) level, modern office building on the Watermark development alongside Tyne Tees Television et al. near to the Gateshead Metro Centre shopping complex.

They were planning a remodeling of some of the offices which required a change to the lighting installations in a number of areas. During our discussions with the CEO and senior managers , we suggested looking at new LED lighting options and produced a number of new design layouts which reduced the number of panels required, and also reduced their connected power. It was agreed to go ahead with the new lighting project.

The original connected lighting load was 7.79kW and this was reduced to 2.04kW making a 74% saving in power and almost 65% savings in Co2. Running cost savings and maintenance free savings year on year are almost 75% of the original spend.

The new lighting has transformed the offices, created a much better working environment and left the management team much happier with their reduced operating expenditure.